Bible Studies

Here in Antioch, CA at our congregation, we are able to provide classes for all ages each Sunday morning at10:30. We strive to only teach what the Bible teaches us while learning from the history contained in the Bible. This learning is important to our growth as Christians and our ability to share the Gospel with love and confidence.
We invite you to come and spend time with us, sit in our classes and learn with us. If you are interested in learning about God, Jesus and how they should fit into our daily lives, we are here to learn with you. 

Current classes
Adult - High School - Middle Grades - Primary Grades- Preschool
Private Bible Studies

    If you desire to have a  small, in-home Bible study (sometimes called a cottage class), please let us know and we will gladly set it up for you.
    Occasionally, we have group studies outside of our normal times held in the homes of members of our congregation. Typically, these classes are very engaging and interactive study sessions about a book or spiritual specific subject. The studies themselves are fantastic but they also provide additional opportunity to get to know each other, visit with each other more frequently and continue to expand our knowledge of what God has given us all.
    Not sure what you want or need? No problem - just ask us and we will spend time to get to know you and help you in your search for the Truth. We are here for you - please call or come visit us during our next Bible class or worship service. 

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